When I add an item to the shopping cart, I receive a "System Busy" message

On a new install this may be caused by not publishing your options with CommerceBuddy. For existing installs, you may have inadvertently "locked" the cart (if for example your Internet connection is interrupted while CommerceBuddy is retrieving data).

Start CommerceBuddy
Click Options -> Net Connection Settings
Make sure the URL points to the commercebuddy.cgi on your web site
To verify this URL is correct, go to the URL with your Web Browser. You should see "Hello!" appear on the page.

https://www.site.com/cgi-bin/commercebuddy.cgi Where site.com is your domain (and you are using SSL on your site).

Click OK
Enter all of your options for your site from the Options menu
Once this is done, you can connect to your site and publish your options.

Click the Online button
Select "Publish Options and Configurations"
Enter the default password as "cartit" without quotes
Click Start Session
Once this operation is complete, your site should begin to function.

NOTE: From the Online window, you should click "Maintenance" then "Change Password" as soon as possible. Enter your password as "cartit" and connect. CommerceBuddy will prompt you for a new password. DO NOT OPERATE your site using the DEFAULT PASSWORD.