About CartIt

Below is a history of CartIt as written by Eddie, the original developer. What is missing is 2007 onward. The company was dissolved, the server was as well- leaving the source code to Windows portions of the product orphaned and the code base in orphan status. At the time of this writing, I (Bill Laakkonen) have decided to adopt CartIt out of need- it has become a crucial part of many businesses daily operations and cannot be allowed to disappear or go into further disrepair. CartIt isn't "broken" -but there are issues to resolve moving forward. The basic design was brilliantly executed and it is time to extend CartIt while adressing the components which should be replaced or changed. This site is not to capitalize realize personal gain from the current situation- it is here to support the users in a way that never occurred while others were at the helm. If you use CartIt- today YOU are in control- and that is a good thing.

The CartIt Commerce System was created in 1995 as a product of a Web Design firm lead by myself. Back then, the name was PICart and available only to clients. High demand for the software lead to the morphing of the Web Design firm into a software company - CartIt Corporation and CartIt were born in 1996.
When I created my first shopping cart system, web pages were all gray (there were no color options), everything was aligned left (the center HTML tag had not been invented yet), and I had never seen a Shopping Cart.

CartIt was one of the top e-commerce software packages on the web. CartIt was a launch pad for many of the top commerce web sites today, and not just in e-commerce. Companies such as Intel and Hewlett Packard used CartIt for there private intranets for internal purchasing.
What launched CartIt into superstardom then was CommerceBuddy, a way to synchronize the web data with the desktop, pretty simple really. Well, so it seems, no one had done it yet, CartIt was the first commercial commerce application to do it. Today, with XML on the tip of every webmasters tongue, it seems rather mundane.

Complete and total business burnout caused by 162 hour work weeks for 4 years, I checked out of CartIt and moved primarily into consulting.
I want to take a moment here to thank everyone that purchased and supported CartIt in those days! Yes it was profitable, but that is not what I focus on here. The experience, the insight, and the relationships, it was a wonderful educational experience. Speaking to thousands of merchants gave me insight into e-business that has made me an extremely knowledgeable consultant.

CartIt is free software and is used by 13,924 users in 112 countries! As for myself, I am a hired gun in Web Analytics, e-commerce, and automation ...and the custom application development to accomplish the aforementioned tasks. Simply put, I am in the business of identifying and solving e-problems. I also have a few of my own e-commerce projects going.

I suspect CartIt will still be free and kicking!

I suppose I could make CartIt commercial again, that options is always open. But don't hold your breath. CartIt, to me, is filled with amazing memories of relationships, growth, the dot com boom, profit - but once you experience business burnout, whatever caused it, will always make you cringe a little when you look at it again.
I will be doing more of what I am doing now. However, I plan to write on topics close to me ala Blog - that being "The Management and Operation of an E-business", with some damn good advice on how to do it right. Most of this advice will be targeted to the small e-business and start-ups.

Get CartIt, it's still strong for the small business! Good luck with your e-commerce ventures.

With Regards,

Edward Boyle

Sadly, I've not heard from Edward Boyle since 2005. It would be nice to get his blessing- or something. If you're out there Eddie, give me a shout.