CommerceBuddy 3.0 Bulk Mail and Mailing Lists

Mass Mailings

CommerceBuddy allows you to perform mass mailings in two ways: Bulk Mailer and Build List.

Build List

This method must be accessed from the Customers View. In the Customers View, click on Build List and the current query can be placed in your OutBox.

How a Mass Mailer is Sent

  1. Click Post Office -> ImpactObject Mail Templates.
  2. Create an ImpactObject Mail Template based on what you would like to mail to your customer(s). You can have each letter personalized automatically by using ImpactObject tags.
  3. Close the ImpactObject Mail Templates editor.
  4. Go to the Customers View by clicking Customers.
  5. Perform a Query.
  6. Click Build List.

This will create a mailing list based on your current query in the Customers View. The message added to the list will be sent only to customers who have subscribed to your mailing list when creating their shopper account in CartIt.

Select an ImpactObject Mail Template
Select a template you have created in the ImpactObject Mail Templates view.

OutBox Identification (Message Type)
This is of particular importance. The OutBox identification is the message type you specify for all of the letters you are about to place in your OutBox. If you want to cancel this merge before you send it for any reason, you can go to your OutBox and right click on one of the letters. You will then have the option to "delete all messages of this type."

Example: OutBox ID (Message Type): SALE-12/12/07

Bulk Mail
Post Office button -> Bulk Mailer

Bulk Mail allows you to select a text file from your local system and send a message to each address in your file. Your file must be in text format and contain only one address per line. CommerceBuddy is not designed to send Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE or Spam). Do not buy an "opt-in" list and attempt to send bulk mail. This feature is designed for relatively small lists of address for people who you have direct contact with and which you have self-compiled (such as your own customers).

Those using CartIt 3.x can use the mailing.list file found in your data directory and stored on your local system. Bulk Mail will allow you to send a message to all of these recipients.

Keep in mind that Bulk Mail may take some time if sending to a large list. There are better ways today to handle bulk emailings. If you have questions, please ask in the Shopping Cart Forums