CartIt Shipping Methods

Shipping Method
Main menu -> Options -> Shipping Method

The Shipping Method dialog box allows you to select one of four shipping methods if you plan to charge your customers for shipping.

Each shipping method addresses different conditions and product types, from basic to complex.

  • Basic Shipping Method- This method is based on the idea that the more a customer spends on merchandise, the more they are willing to pay for shipping.

    Below, the shipping charge is the base fee of x (5.00) plus the order total multiplied by y% (0.15 = 15 percent):

    SHIPPING = $x + (Order Total * y%)

    SHIPPING = $5.00 + ($100.00 * 0.15)

    SHIPPING = $20.00
  • Per Item method- This is a good method for merchants selling small items of the same weight such as software, CDs, T-shirts, and so on. You charge your customers a base shipping fee for the first item and a lesser fee for each additional item
  • Basic Weight Based method- This method requires you to add the weight of each product to the product page (or database generated page). The equation is:

    SHIPPING = Base Fee + (Item Weight * Weight Fee)

    SHIPPING = $5.00 + (1 * $2.95)

    SHIPPING = $7.95

    NOTE: This method will add all of the weights in the entire shopping cart. For example, if you have 10 items that weigh 1 pound and 5 items that weigh 12 pounds, the calculation will be:

    10 * 1  = 10

    5 * 12  = 60
    10 + 60 = 70

    We end up with 70 pounds. Then the calculation will apply:

    SHIPPING = Base Fee + (70 * Weight Fee)
  • Advanced Weight Based method-This shipping method works much like the Basic Weight Based method. The difference is, the advanced method allows you to specify a fee for each weight.

    The Advanced Weight Based shipping method works as follows:

    Shipping = Base Fee + Fee Associated with the weight

    Advanced Weight Based Shipping Note:

    This shipping method WILL NOT add the weights together to get a total. This can not be done, as this would require you to have a fee associated with every possible weight.

    If someone adds an item to the shopping cart that weighs 25 pounds, then enters the quantity as 350, that would mean that the item purchased has a weight of 25*350... 8750 pounds! You would be required to have a weight and fee for every possible weight in the shopping cart (like 8750 pounds).

    So, when you enter a weight as 4 = $9.95 in CommerceBuddy and you have an item on your site that weighs 4 pounds and your shopper adds 5 of these items to the shopping cart, CartIt will not calculate 4 pounds * 5 items = 20 pounds. CartIt will calculate it as:

    4 = 9.95

    9.95 * 5 items

    Total of 49.75
  • Live Connection Shipping Note: CartIt Shipping APIs are in open development and depend on the shipping services currently online and ready to provide live quotes. This method cannot be guaranteed to function at all times.
    This method is based on a Live Web connection to shipping services. We will be adding more services as the open development program for cartitshiplib.cgi evolves.

    FAQ: What are the "Web Site Design Weight Options" in the Options dialog box?
    When you design your CartIt pages, you have fields that you use:

    CartIt can read the weight portion as ounces, pounds, grams, or as literal typed text.

    If you select ounces, you must enter all weights as ounces only.

    If you select pounds, you must enter all weights as rounded-off pounds in whole numbers only.

    If you select pounds and ounces, you must enter all weights as "pounds.ounces". The weight "1.
    5" will be read as 1 pound + 5 ounces (NOT 1.5 pounds!).

    NOTE: If CartIt ever connects to a shipping service that does not handle ounces, CartIt will always "round up" to the next pound (for example, the weight 3 ounces would become 1 pound).

Main On-Screen Options

Default Shipping Display:

The text displayed to your shopper regarding shipping. An example would be "UPS Ground" or "Continental U.S. Shipping." This does not apply when using LIVE shipping, as the shipping service will provide the shipping method.

Default Weight:

This is a safety net when using a weight based shipping method. If you forget to enter an item's weight, this weight will be used.

Custom Code:
Never enter text in this input unless your CartIt Commerce Developer provided it to you. This input is for custom shipping modules. Entering text in this input without a custom shipping module will cause your shipping algorithms to break.

It is important to note that this "Custom Code" will override any shipping selection. Any method you have selected wiill not be selected the next time you edit your shipping options. This "Custom Code" takes precedence over all other shipping methods selected.