CommerceBuddy 3.0 Outbox

[Main window] Post Office button -> OutBox

The  CommerceBuddy Post Office OutBox is where all e-mail documents are stored before they are sent. Messages seen here are pending and waiting to be sent.

You may edit, delete and send messages from your OutBox. Once an item has been sent, you can view it in the Sent Items window.

If you right click on the Message List view (top pane) you may:

  • Filter for Messages of Type
  • Filter for messages from a specific Recipient
  • Delete all letters of a certain Type

Message Types are used for internal reference. They allow you to group messages together for future reference. The "OutBox Identification" is the message type you enter when you send e-mail or a mass mailer based on a query. Unless you are sending a mass mailer, the message type is not required. However, this is a particularly useful feature.