CommerceBuddy 3.0 Orders Price Change

Change Price

The Change Price dialog box allows you to change the total of the order. This change will not effect the HTML view; the HTML view is designed to be a direct copy, or at the very least a similar copy, of your shopper's records.

IMPORTANT: The Change Price dialog box allows you to edit the Order Notes database. It is strongly recommended that you add information regarding the price change, such as why it was changed, any cardholder comments regarding the change, etc.

12/12/09. Price increased from $199.95 to $249.95 because supplier increased cost for non-inventory items. Card holder "Dave" said "Sure that's not bad, lets do it," approving the order with the price increase.

It may seem silly but it could be of value to you later on. Having detailed notes on special circumstances is worthwhile in e-commerce.