Front Page Plugin

Commerce Monkey Plugin

CommerceMonkey™ is designed for Microsoft® FrontPage® users who are managing small e-commerce sites. Create your online catalog in a snap and with complete control, even convert an existing Web site.

CommerceMonkey adds a new menu to the FrontPage Editor environment. It is a client side development tool. All you need to do is download and install the program on your local computer.

CommerceMonkey assists in designing catalog pages for the CartIt Commerce System.

These plug-ins are designed for catalog page creation. Remember that you will still need a shopping cart system to plug your catalog into!

At last, an easy and cost effective method for developing your online catalog!

  • Seamless integration into Microsoft FrontPage.
  • Easy to use and design sites.
  • Built-in wizards for easy page creation.
  • Completely Free to use.
  • Easily upgrade an existing Web site to sell online with CartIt.
  • Advanced features allow knowledgeable FrontPage users to design their own custom look and feel.
  • Will not override your themes - simply apply them and the output pages will take the look of that theme.