CommerceBuddy 3.0 Order Status

Order Status

Receive Payment

The Receive Payment dialog box allows you to enter any information in the Order Notes database regarding the payment received.

A typical entry is a credit card authorization code and operator name or a check number. You can enter any text you like; you are only adding notes to the Order Notes database. This dialog box simply allows you to enter this information as part of the Receive Payment process.

Once you have entered all of the order information, the order will be marked Payment Received upon clicking the OK button.

Status Pending

The Status Pending Wizard allows you to mark an order's status as pending and access the Order Notes at the same time.

The reasons to mark an order as pending will vary- this is up to you to decide.

One possibility is to keep closer track of C.O.D. orders. For example, you mark a C.O.D. order as shipped with the Shipping Log. Then you go to the Shipped Order view, mark the order as pending, and type "C.O.D. order, payment not yet received." When you receive payment, you can mark the order as complete and send the customer a Thank You letter.

Shipping Wizard

The Shipping Wizard allows you to enter shipping information regarding this order and to send your shopper an ImpactObject Template containing the order information.

Mark Order
Mark the order as shipped, completely shipped or partially shipped.

ImpactObject Mail Template

It is recommended that you select an IO Mail Template that has the Shipping Information ImpactObject. The letter to your shopper generated by the selected template and all the information you've typed will be placed in your OutBox.

The Shipping Log
This allows you to keep notes of items being shipped for this order. What you type in the Shipping Log is also sent to the customer.


The Date field should be the date the item is shipped. If blank, CommerceBuddy will enter today's date.

Shipping Comments

These are your notes regarding the shipment, such as "All items in order shipped" or "Partial shipment, item #0005 on backorder."

Service Used
Service Used would be UPS, FedEx, USPS or other service.

Method Shipped
The method in which the item was shipped, such as "2nd Day Air."

Tracking Number
The tracking numbers or N/A if non-applicable.

Void Order

The Void Order Wizard allows you to void an order and access the Order Notes at the same time. It is strongly recommended that you use the Void Order Wizard so you remember to enter notes every time you void an order.

Complete Order

The Complete Order dialog box allows you to select an ImpactObject Mail Template to send to this customer before marking the order Complete. The IO Mail Template you select will be processed and placed in your OutBox.

The template you select should be a Thank You letter, your final contact with this customer regarding this order.