CommerceBuddy 3.0 ImpactObject Mail Templates

ImpactObject Mail Templates
Post Office button -> ImpactObject Mail Templates

ImpactObject Mail Templates allow you to create e-mail messages for future and repeated use. They are basically customized form letters. You create a letter by giving it a subject, form field and body.

When you find yourself writing the same letter over and over again, you can use an IO Mail Template for personalizing and sending this letter with just a point and click.

How ImpactObject Mail Templates work
IO Mail Templates have specific names that are associated with fields in the database (depending on which database you are using). Some of the tags are designed for a specific letter or database type. They all have the same general concept and are categorized on the %io_ Editor button in a logical fashion to prevent mistakes.

ImpactObject Mail Templates are used for:

  • Shipping Notifications
  • Order Complete "Thank You" letters
  • Mass Mailings
  • General Mailings

It's a good idea to have an ImpactObject Mail Template for letters you may send on a regular basis.

For example:

You have an item that is requested often, but rarely in stock and takes about 2 weeks to receive. Create an ImpactObject Mail Template that addresses this issue so you do not have to explain this to your shoppers over and over again. Be creative… you can have an IO Mail Template for any and all occasions.

With just two clicks, a long letter is written and personalized to your shopper.

NOTE: Please keep in mind that CommerceBuddy gives you the ability to send e-mail to your customers. Create your IO Mail Templates thoughtfully, be sure you select the correct template for the intended letter. Also, carefully proofread your templates so that you do not mass mail a mistake.

For more information on ImpactObjects please see the ImpactObject Reference.