Core Shopping Cart Features

CartIt Shopping Cart

World-famous CartIt Shopping Cart is used worldwide, trusted by both merchants and Webmasters since 1996. CartIt is a solution to get your e-commerce site up and running, designed to handle complex product catalogs for merchants who have their own hosting solution.

  • Sell unlimited products, one or one million, it's up to you!
  • CartIt is installed on your Web site, you have no monthly fees and only you access to your customer data.
  • Products can have unlimited options, options with fees, text options, and much more!
  • Easily convert any existing site to use CartIt or use it on a  new site!
  • Design your site using Microsoft FrontPage and our FREE FrontPage® plug-in!
  • Advanced Developer Friendly; use PHP, ASP, ColdFusion, PERL or any other technology and point it to CartIt.
  • CartIt has so many features that you may not use them all, but they're available to use when you need them.

Shopper Friendly

CartIt sends your customer an order confirmation after an order is placed. This confirmation is a fully-customizable ImpactObject™ document (Template)! Each shopper has a unique invoice number and CartIt's fantastic user interface will make each shopper's experience on your Web site an easy and enjoyable one.

This is only the beginning of the customer service and order management features. CartIt CommerceBuddy, a Windows based CartIt companion product (included with CartIt), takes your online business to the next level. cbfeatures.asp

Taxes and Shipping

CartIt allows you to have unlimited tax options. Select from many different shipping methods, even use weight-based shipping.

CartIt Themes and ImpactObject Files

The files header.html, footer.html, checkoutheader.html, checkoutfooter.html, checkoutsslheader.html, checkoutsslfooter.html and stylesheet.html are all ready for you to edit or you may use them as supplied. If you would like to customize the shopping cart to match your site, these are the files to edit.

What You Should Know: CartIt does not require a template-based Web site. The cartit page templates referred to above simply give you more control over the appearance of the shopping cart software, this is not part of your Web site's appearance.

Build Your Site Your Way

CartIt does not require you to design your entire site using templates. CartIt lets you convert an existing site to a CartIt-ready site or design your site from the ground up. The only templates in CartIt are actually another feature! For example, the checkout pages have headers, footers, error templates, etc. So, not only is your site created the way you want it to look, even CartIt itself has the necessary templates to change its appearance so it looks like the rest of your site.

Complex Products and Catalogs

Build Complex Catalogs

CartIt can handle very complex products and is a powerful solution for everyone from beginners to Professional Developers and Internet Providers.

  • Products with unlimited options
  • Options with fees
  • Products with no cost
  • Text options with fees
  • Unlimited options and text options per item
  • Up-sell items

What You Should Know: You will never be limited in what you can sell online. For example, you may have products that have no options or products that have 1 or 2 options, but what happens when you offer a product with 3 or even 100 options? This shopping cart can handle unlimited options.

Simple HTML Forms-Based

CartIt uses HTML forms so you may use any HTML editor to design your Web site. There is also a FREE [ FrontPage plug-in] /commercemonkey/index.asp

Add Multiple Items to the Shopping Cart at Once

CartIt's product page methodology allows you to sell a single complex item per HTML form or multiple items per page. This is up to you. We challenge you to find another shopping cart that can handle such complex products!


CartIt can handle unlimited products per shopping cart and can handle unlimited shoppers at your Web site at any time, limited only by your Web server's capability to keep up!

Better Selling Methods

CartIt can handle up-sell items. These are related low-ticket items that the shopper might add to their cart with the main product you are selling. For example, if a page is devoted to selling a laser printer, you can also put toner and paper on the same page.

What You Should Know: CartIt uses HTML forms, you can design sites in ANY HTML editor. You can also design sites using any technology, such as ASP, PHP, ColdFusion, PERL, etc.

Advanced Features

Quantity Discounts

Buy 5-10 items and receive 10% off, buy 11-20 items and receive 15% off, etc., and CartIt will remember your settings. So, even after the item is added to the shopping cart, the Quantity Discount settings remain for that item.

Connect to Other Technologies

CartIt is HTML forms-based so you may  plug your existing database system into CartIt with any database technology. If you have knowledge of these technologies, you can make the most of CartIt. When you receive CartIt, you should also look in the goodies folder. We put free stuff in this folder and currently, we have a sample database system that can get you started in the right direction for a database driven Web site.

Support for IFRAME (and layers, too). You can now show a live preview of the shopping cart on every page of your Web site!

Display this on Every Page:

You have **4** Items in your [Shopping Cart][41] and your current Sub Total is $89.95.

New CartIt "bounce" Feature

Allows you to have CartIt bounce the shopper back to the page they ordered from. This allows the shopper to add an item and stay on the page they order from. This is an optional feature, and you can do this with a hidden form element or you can make this the default behavior of CartIt.

Bounce Anywhere

Yes, you can have the shopper bounce to any location, not just the page they ordered from. For example:

Buy  Widget for $19.95

**And tell me about**

New Glow-In-The-Dark Mouse

Sale Prices on 19" Monitors

Just Add the Item to the Cart

Powerful e-commerce: Have one product sell another!

Credit Card Processing

Remote Transaction Processing AND Real-time Transaction Processing

CartIt is compatible with dozens of transaction processing services, or you can use a conventional hand-key terminal.

What You Should Know: If you don't see your Payment gateway provider listed, please Contact Us to see if we are compatible with your processing service. If your gateway is not presently supported, we will contact them to see if we can integrate with them. A response for this technical topic usually takes 24 hours or less during weekdays.

Customizable Invoices

ImpactObjects allow you to customize your shopper's confirmation e-mail message and final invoice. ImpactObjects are a simple technology. For example, place %io_shopper_name% on a page and it will be replaced with your shopper's name. Many tags can be used, including tags for order numbers, shopping cart items and more. This is truly an exciting feature that lets anyone, at any skill level, create customized confirmations and invoices.

What You Should Know: ImpactObject tags are used in CartIt's internal Templates, NOT on your Web site. ImpactObject tags allow you or your developer to easily change the appearance of CartIt without requiring advanced programming.


Secure Shopping

CartIt is compatible with your Web site's SSL (Secure Socket Layers) to provide your shopper with a safe online shopping experience.

Advanced Spoof Control

Spoof controls help prevent malicious users from entering invalid data by rejecting null referrers or referrers from sites other than your domain. As a merchant, you should always review your orders and pricing prior to delivering product.

Shopper Accounts

Every shopper has a shopper account on your Web site, Card details are not stored so they will have to enter a credit card number with every order. "Why" you ask? This is something that shoppers are beginning to demand today and you as a merchant can confidently tell your clients that you do not warehouse credit card numbers on the server. This is very important. Many high profile sites have been hacked and data breaches can be devasting to consumers and more so to merchants. CartIt does NOT warehouse Credit Card Data on the server.


Server Environment Variables

You can now capture environment variables, for example:

Your IP address is This information can be used by fraud enforcement officials to track and identify offenders.

In CartIt Talk, just add this to any ImpactObject Template:

Your IP address is %io_env_REMOTE_ADDR%. This information can be used by
fraud enforcement officials to track and identify offenders.

cartitcclib.cgi Library

For the average Internet merchant, this library may be used unedited. It validates a credit card number and expiration date for processing. However, advanced users can edit this file via code hotspots to implement and add real-time background credit card processing This will soon be standardized and you should  expect a "Real-Time" background credit card processing module in the near future.

Secure Windows Integration

Credit Card Numbers are downloaded with CommerceBuddy through SSL for the highest level of security and stored on your local computer, NOT on the server where hackers can access the data.

More About CommerceBuddy