License Keys

You can get a license key but NEW License keys are not available- you will get a key that has been used previously. The domain name on the does not affect your use of the product, though you will need to manually make a small change in Commercebuddy configuration.

The software for generating new keys for CartIt CommerceBuddy no longer exists. If you have CommerceBuddy and need a key, I can provide you with one of mine so you can activate CommerceBuddy. This does not grant you a license- no one can presently grant a license for CartIt products, only previously generated keys area available. To activate CartIt.cgi on your server, just place a '1' in place of the '0' for the license key in the cartitcf.cgi file- that should be all that is needed.

CartIt is Orphanware- the Corporation which orignally created and licensed CartIt (CartIt Corporation) no longer exists. The software was given away as a no-cost license prior to this. CartIt is NOT in the Public Domain an though not likely, the original Corporation could be restarted and seek licensing fees. I am not an attorney, this is not legal advice.

I will provide keys to those who appear to be a legitimate business on a request basis. My purpose here is not monetary, rather it is stewardship of the existing users interests and the future development of unencumbered versions of a work-alike cart. The work-alike future versions CartIt software are to be released under a BSD license, meaning that all source code and commercial derivatives without attribution will be possible. I feel that having source code is crucial for software which runs your business- and with the server side part of CartIt you already have the source code.

This site is inteded mostly for existing users of CartIt- if you want to use it, great! If you have read all of the above info and want to obtain a key, please feel free to request a free license key.