CartIt NT Could not write to (filename)


CartIt NT says:"Could not write to (filename)"


CartIt is attempting to write information to a file that it does not have permission to write to.


This is a server issue; to solve this issue, you may use your FrontPage administration utilities to set the permissions correctly (using the server extensions- not within the FrontPage client). If you do not have access to the FrontPage administration utilities, you need to contact your Hosting  provider so that they can set these permissions for you:

The "carts" and "data" folders must to have read, write and delete privileges.

You may also need to reset the permissions on all of the files in the data and carts folders as well.

Technical Notes:

Please understand that this is an issue that the software does not control. It can only be solved by those who have control over the permissions; you or your Hosting Provider.