Gift Module Settings

Gift Options
Main menu -> Options -> Gift Options

Gift Options apply if you have installed and licensed the Gift Module. The Gift Module allows your shopper to add multiple recipients to their shopping cart. Each item added to the cart can have a recipient, gift message and gift wrapping options.

The CartIt Gift Options go beyond other shopping carts in that you are not limited to wrapping paper only… you can have unlimited gift settings such as wrapping papers, cards, gift baskets and more! Simply enter a description of each wrapping and the fees for them. The fees are automatically added to the shopper's cart when they choose the corresponding wrapping.

Put CartIt in Gift Mode
Some merchants find that having separate shipping and billing addresses is a security risk. The Put CartIt in Gift Mode checkbox allows you to turn this feature on and off at any time. You can turn the Gift Mode on during the holidays when revenue potential outweighs any perceived risk.

The CartIt Gift Module allows you to specify any display header to the CGI generated pages. On this header, you should provide a link to your Gift Wrapping Samples.