How to assign Sales Tax or VAT to only certain Items


I must collect a sales tax or Value Added Tax for one item but not others, how do I do that?


In CartIt the format for any item is


Set the 'taxable' part to 0, 1, or you may leave it empty.

What does this mean?
1- item is taxable
0- item is NOT taxable
empty- If default is set in CommerceBuddy, use that value

The default is specified in CommerceBuddy for Windows

Options -> Taxes -> State and Regional Taxes

You will see a checkbox for "by default, items are taxable" - check it and publish your changes to cartit on the server. After checking this, if you have not entered a value for the "taxable" part in your CartIt form (eg you just have description, price, and weight) then all items will be taxable. You'll also need to set up your taxes in CommerceBuddy first.