CartIt Corporation

CartIt Corporation was administratively dissolved in 2003 by the State of Florida. Since that time another company is using Cart-It LLC so this would prevent "CartIt Corporation" of Florida from rising from the dead- so-to-speak. Nothing is sure but death and taxes and there would probably be issues there as well, but that would be the only way to wrest control of the copyrights for CartIt. Considering the program was given away as no-cost prior to the company dissolving, it seems this rebirth is not likely. The products produced by CartIt Corporation are effectively "orphaned" or "orphanware".

This means there is no longer a company behind the cart- but this is no different than any free shopping cart like OSCommerce, Zencart, and others. There is support for CartIt among the users and developers, future support will be community based.

Don't let the orphan status scare you away. The intent is to eventually replace CartIT with a truly free (as in BSD licensed) open source implementation of the orginal cart functions. This will happen in stages as new components are released to replace the originals. In the end it should work like CartIt does now, not be orphanware, and be regularly extended depending on users' needs.

If you have questions about what is happening here on this site or need CartIt help as an exisitng user, please contact us.