CommerceBuddy 3.0 Customer Pop-Up in Orders View

Customer Pop-Up [Orders View]

The Customer Pop-Up (dialog box) allows you to view a customer's most current profile as it is entered in the online database. This view can not be edited. It is designed to be an exact reflection of what the customer has access to.

Keep in mind that the Customer Pop-Up always displays the customer's most current data, unlike the Orders View that reflects the orders exactly as they were placed with no changes. The Customers database is updated every time an order is placed.

All of this information is self-explanatory with the exception of a few features:

Billing tab

Next to the customer's e-mail address, you will see a paperclip. Click on the paperclip and the ImpactObject Mail Template dialog box will appear. Select an IO Mail Template you would like sent to this address and click OK. The selected template will be processed, at which point you can do any needed editing from the Send Message view. If you do not select an IO Mail Template, a blank letter will appear for you to edit.

Below each customer's e-mail address you will see the Sent Items Filter link. Click on this and CommerceBuddy will perform a filter for all items sent to this e-mail address. This allows you to view all the letters you have sent to this address.

When a customer contacts you, the Password is available so you can verify that you are speaking to the correct person .

Shipping tab

The Shipping tab shows the current shipping profile. If the Gift Module is used, this profile does not include Gift recipients. You should also see the HTML tab in the Orders View for the exact shipping instructions.

Notes tab
You will see the most current notes this customer has typed on his or her account. You also have a large edit area for you to type notes. This editing area is more than you should need and allows you to maintain any extra information that may later be valuable to you.

Purchase History tab
The Purchase History tab shows all past order profiles. If you click on Go to Selected Order, you will be brought to the Orders View where you can see the profile of the order, the invoice and all other information associated with the order.

Finally, the footer of the Purchase History shows a summary of the customer's purchase activity, average sales, number of sales and total sales.