I added a custom image to the checkout process but CartIt is not showing the image

The checkoutheader.html and checkoutsslheader.html files are found in your "data" folder on the server.

You may edit these files in your favorite text editor such as Notepad.

NOTE: You should not open these files in Microsoft FrontPage or other HTML editors, as they may attempt to "repair" the partial HTML file.

When adding a link to an image in one of these files, the path to the image file must be relative, not a full URL. When adding an image to checkoutheader.html, the path to the image file (if placed in the same directory) is often ../../image.gif  (two levels above the cgi-bin).

Remember, a full URL like http://www.site.com/image.gif  will not work, nor will an absolute UNIX path, e.g. /home/user/mysite/data/image.gif  The path must be relative to the directory that the html files are located in.


Note: These are not complete html files. Keep them close to their original form with respect to closing body tags, etc. that may or may not be present when you start to edit them- if it only had an open body tag, and no close, leave it as is.