CommerceBuddy Orders View

CommerceBuddy Orders View

The Orders View shows all past purchases at a glance. This is the central location for processing orders and handling customer services.

When you first access the Orders View, you will see a link to the most recent purchases. The dropdown menu allows you to access orders with a chosen Order Status. You set the order status for each transaction in the Activities menu.

Activities menu
This allows you to change and modify a variety of aspects regarding each order. The most used command in the Activities menu is Mark Order, which changes the Order Status.

Mark Order wizards
These help guide you through the Mark Order process and to keep more accurate records. They also assist in customer services, allowing you to send the customer e-mail notification when the order is shipped and a Thank You letter when the order is complete.

Clicking on Notes will access the notes on this order, the notes on this customer and can access the Shipping Log.

Clicking on Profile will bring up the customer profile, purchase history and more.

HTML tab
Here you can access your order information. This is a printed invoice that looks similar, if not identical, to the copy your customer received online when they checked out.

You may right click the invoice to print it.