CartIt Location & Web Documents

CartIt Location & Web Documents
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CGI Location Vital Configs

CartIt needs to know its own location. When you enter these options and update them online, CartIt will use these options to find itself online.

URL to the CGI-BIN on your Web site
This is the complete NON-secure URL to the cgi-bin on your Web site (without a forward slash on the end).

Example: <-no trailing slash

My Web site has SSL and the https location to the cgi-bin is
Check this box if your Web site has an SSL Certificate or if your Internet host provided you with a certificate. Please keep in mind that this SSL location must be the EXACT same location as the standard cgi-bin; the only difference is that the URL will access the secure layers with 'https'. Any URL is acceptable providing the URL is a pointer to the same cgi-bin and the exact same installation of CartIt. CartIt will not function with two separate installations (on different physical servers).

Example: <-no trailing slash

Sometimes a hosting provider may allow you to share their SSL certificate. While this URL may look like a separate location, it MUST point to the exact same (physical) cgi-bin where CartIt is installed on YOUR Web site server.


IMPORTANT: It is extremely important to note that CartIt must be installed in one location on your Web server in your cgi-bin. Do not confuse URLs with actual installed locations on the server as multiple URLs may point to the same folder/file location. CartIt must be installed in one folder on your server and you can access this folder in many ways. Please keep in mind that the secure location to CartIt is NOT a separate install, it is simply a "https" URL to the exact same CartIt install. It is the URL that goes through the Secure Socket Layer (SSL).

Do not offer Non Secure Checkout
Check this box if you want CartIt to provide only a Secure Checkout link. This may be used disabled after you complete your testing at your discretion. If disabled, some people who are behind proxy servers without SSL may have trouble checking out, though this is not so much a problem in 2009 as it was in 1999 when this was conceived.

Web Pages

Location of Home Page

The URL to your home page such as <-trailing slash required. The / implies your default index page.

Web Site Store Entrance
This is the Web page that CartIt will link back to as the Store's Entrance. If you are using a frames environment (you should not use frames), this page should not be the home page itself, but should be the main frame that you consider your Store Entrance. You should extensively test all of the links that CartIt provides to your home page. You can also modify CartIt to return to the last page for the store entrance using a simple Javascript link. this is helpful if you have more than one area for a shopping entrance.

Policies Page
This is the web page that CartIt will link back to as the store's Policies Page. This page is required and should be given much thought.