Frequently Asked Questions

CartIt FAQ
What is CartIt? 

CartIt is a professional-level shopping cart system designed for small to medium sized businesses. The software allows merchants to sell products online.

Does CartIt run on my Web site or do you control the software?

CartIt does NOT run on our Web servers. You download CartIt and install the software on your Web site. CarIt CommerceBuddy is used to retreive orders and requires a Microsoft Windows based computer.

Will CartIt work on my Internet Provider Server (my Web site)?

CartIt should run on your Web site. CartIt is a cross-platform product that runs on just about any Web server on the market. Please see the System Requirements for additional information. You should verify these requirements with your hosting and Internet service provider.

Will CartIt work with my existing web site?

YES. CartIt uses HTML forms and you can easily add the forms to any existing page.

Does CartIt require templates? 

Yes and NO. CartIt is not a template-based site web site system, so you can design your site as you wish. Your Web site page forms will point to CartIt, they are not designed by CartIt. Therefore, your web site is designed 100% by you.

Once the shopper adds an item to the shopping cart, CartIt uses it's own templates for the shopping cart. CartIt uses HTML templates for checkout and this is a bonus as this allows you to change much of the software's appearance.

This is VERY IMPORTANT- many shopping carts require that you design your site 100% to their specifications, not CartIt. No cookie-cutter sites here.

Can I have a database-driven Web site with CartIt? Absolutely- many advanced CartIt users build sites using databases. A database is NOT required to run your site. In other words, you can place the items in a database and generate pages from it, but CartIt simplys looks for a HTTP Post from a FORM, so that can be created anyway you wish- static HTML, PHP, ASP, or whatever you desire.

Will my customers see the CartIt logo on my pages?

No, you are not required to include CartIt logos on your Web pages. CartIt is installed on your site and can be customized. Your entire site can be designed to look the way you want it to. As for CartIt itself, CartIt has templates that let you change the appearance of the shopping cart program and checkout pages.

Can I have more than one domain name?
Yes. In fact, many CartIt sites have more than one domain name. The software will function on the primary registered domain name, but you can have any number of domain names point to the main site.

May I use FrontPage to design my Web site?
Of course- we also have a free FrontPage plug-in to will help you design the shopping cart forms for your pages.

Must I use FrontPage to design my site?
You may use any HTML editor to create your HTML forms for CartIt. Furthermore, you can use any technology to generate your site, including PERL, PHP, ASP, ColdFusion, or other technology.

    I have, and Can I use one license for this site? Yes you may, providing this is all for one store. Licenses are generated for *, so is acceptable.

Can CartIt run on our local Corporate Intranet?
Yes. Your Intranet should be no different from the Internet. Providing you meet the system requirements of the software, you should not have a problem.

Is there a limit on the number of products I can sell?
You can sell any number of products; one or one million. CartIt does not limit the number of products on your site.

My ISP does not support FrontPage. Can I still use the CommerceMonkey plug-in?
Yes, the CommerceMonkey plug-in works with the FrontPage client software on your Windows PC.

Do I need to be a computer programmer to use CartIt?
Programming knowledge is NOT needed to use CartIt. We have done our best to make the product easy to use for both beginners and advanced users. You may use our plug-in for Microsoft FrontPage 2000 and 98, or you may design your pages using any HTML editor. CartIt works based on form elements called CartIt Form Objects (CFOs). It does not need any programming or to have a database on the server. Just build your product pages and put them on your site. CartIt does require installation on your hosting provider's server; the details of this differ, depending upon which Operating System your site is hosted.

    I am a developer. Will I like CartIt?

We hope so- in fact, CartIt is used extensively by developers. Most of what you need, CartIt will do out of the box. However, as a developer, you have a lot of additional control and can modify the shipping module, use ASP or PHP code, and more. Every part of CartIt on the server is customizable.